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Avoiding The Money Pit

Those of a certain age will remember the movie The Money Pit starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long. It was a comedic look at the trials and tribulations of renovating a house. And with Spring fast approaching, some of you might be considering home repair and renovation projects. There are key considerations when planning a…

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The 7 Best Things to Buy (On Sale) in February

It’s February in New Jersey, and the lawn is snow covered and there’s ice on the driveway. It’s a good time to get your taxes in order, and, after you had your fill of that fun (ha, ha), maybe a bit of shopping if your budget allows. Here’s a list of items which are traditionally…

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College Bucks : Disruption & Innovation in Student Loan Debt Market

Student loan debt reached $1.2 trillion dollars in 2014. Annually, $10 million of Federal Student Loan debt is taken out by students each year. Approximately seventy-five percent of all students who graduate from a 4 year college have student loan debt, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million Americans are currently paying off student…

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Astonishing…Utterly astonishing….That’s the word I would use for the number of attempts to hack into my business website. And, I’m not quite sure why. The LC Group web page is informational only. Since we sell daily money management and personal bookkeeping services and don’t have a checkout cart, I’m not sure I understand the point…

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Why You Need to Understand Medicaid as You Age

I’ve just spent countless hours working on a Medicaid application for a senior citizen who is running out of funds and resides in an assisted living facility. It has been a grueling application, taking hours of work and filled with reams of paperwork. In this third part of Financially Fit in Five’s Senior Series, let’s…

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Medicare Insurance Simplified

Medicare is medical insurance for individuals over 65 who are US Citizens or legal residents. Additionally, to be eligible, the individual must have paid Social Security payroll taxes for 10 years or be a spouse of an individual who has paid those taxes, or the individual must be a government worker who has paid Medicare…

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The Senior Series – Starting the Conversation

After driving a car, giving up the ability to handle your own financial matters is the greatest loss of independence.   It is no wonder we hold onto our financial independence often for longer than we are capable of handling it. It is really hard to open up and talk about money.  It’s personal, very personal,…

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A Wealth of Knowledge – A Summer Reading List

June brings us halfway through the year, and it is the beginning of summer.  Like many of you, I look forward to some “down time” which will be spent enjoying a good read.  As I was looking through various titles, it seemed like a good time to pass along some books on personal finance that…

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