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The Bottom Line on Credit Scores

I was watching a business channel this week, and I was a bit surprised to learn that 76% of young adults are financially illiterate.  It turn out that the overall rate for adult financial literacy is at 66%.  It has been told to me that most children learn finances from their parents, and these numbers…

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Financial Tips for Roommates

The month of May is filled with graduations.  Certainly an exciting time.  I’m sure there are many new graduates who are starting out on their own will be thinking of having (or being) a roommate.. If you or a loved one will be house-sharing, here are a few tips to have a good financial life…

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Take Away from this Tax Season

This was the year of the incorrect 1099. A number of The LC Group clients had 1099s issued with incorrect information, specifically incorrect earning numbers.  And because we keep good records and were checking, we were able to catch those with mistakes. A little info for those of you who may not be familiar with…

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“Well-Versed in Personal Finance” – The LC Group

The chores of life take up plenty of time. Especially when you need to count every dime. Instead of moments with family and friends. You’re stuck tracking all your dividends. Managing money can be such a chore. One that can definitely feel like quite the bore. Yet it has to be done so you can…

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Show me the money, Honey!

A recent article about couples making financial management a shared task caught my attention.  Like most long term married couples, my husband and I assigned that task to me early in our marriage.  It was simpler for me to handle the day-to-day financial affairs and the long term financial planning because I was a stay…

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New “Back to School Scam” Targeting College Students

There’s a relatively new scam that’s bilking money from college students.  Scammers claiming to be IRS agents have been contacting college students asking for their “Federal Student Tax payment.”  The scammer knows the student’s name and the college they are attending.  There is no special college tax or any tax called a Federal Student Tax…

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How a Daily Money Manager Can Help

People are often interested in what I do as a Daily Money Manager.  Clients come to the LC Group when they have decided to outsource their day-to-day personal finance administration and personal bookkeeping tasks. The reasons are diverse – you might be a successful professional who doesn’t have time to handle these clerical tasks, you…

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A Success Story

As a daily money manager, it’s always a special treat for me to get a note from a client. People come to us for solutions to their personal finance challenges, and it often takes hard work on both our part and the client’s part. I relish the success stories, and I thought I take a…

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4 Ways To Be Savvy When Setting Your Small Business Marketing Budget

Marketing is essential for helping businesses grow. There are countless marketing strategies a small business can use, and equally countless amounts of money a small business owner can spend. Savvy businesses know where and how to best spend their hard earned dollars. Here are a few things a business might want to consider when setting…

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When would you be a Power of Attorney – Aging Alone, A Client Story

This profession of daily money management that I have chosen often seems a dichotomy of sorts. When I describe what I do, what my company does, it seems so simple – handle the daily financial paperwork which comes into a client’s personal life – open mail, pay bills, get tax documents organized, design budgets, handle…

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