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Finding Missing Money.

While money does not grow on trees or get printed in ATM machines, there are places where you can find misplaced funds.   The website of the National Association of Unclaimed has a listing of unclaimed monies.  Most States also use the alternative  If you have retirement monies to which you believe you are entitled but cannot locate, you can find the listing at the Pension Benefit Guarantee

Why would you have missing funds?  At some point you may have received a check you did not cash, maybe you moved without a proper forwarding address, or maybe you inadvertently let a bank account go inactive.  Under these types of circumstances, the company that mailed you the check is required to turn those monies back to the State (to which the original check was mailed).  All the States keep a listing of the individuals who have funds which need to be retrieved, and the list is published so individuals can claim their missing funds.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please reach out to me, Liz Crystal, at  I would love to get your feedback and hear if you found any missing money.

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