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How a Daily Money Manager Can Help

People are often interested in what I do as a Daily Money Manager.  Clients come to the LC Group when they have decided to outsource their day-to-day personal finance administration and personal bookkeeping tasks.

The reasons are diverse – you might be a successful professional who doesn’t have time to handle these clerical tasks, you might be a senior citizen struggling with memory loss and becoming overwhelmed with the bill pay and paperwork, you might be newly widowed or divorced doing these type of tasks for the first time, or you might just want to hire someone to pay your bills.  For some people I’m a ‘financial fixer” (as my husband likes to call me).  People come to me to discuss the struggles and challenges they face in their financial lives and to strategize on how to improve and live a better financial life.

Certainly, both my client base and my services are diverse, but there are a few common way in which we assist our clients.


You may be unfamiliar with common personal finance practices or personal finance terms.  You might not understand the best way to pay down debt or the best way to make a budget. You might not understand the details of your taxes.   As a daily money management firm, we can help you better understand and become more fluent in personal finance matters.

Bill Payment, Budgeting, and Automate Finances

You may find yourself overwhelmed with paperwork, unable to keep track of what bills get paid when, or you might just not have the time (or want to  spent what little free time you have) handling the finances. You may be taking over elderly parent’s finances and want a simple way to handle them.  As a daily money manager, we can automate your personal financial life so that bills are paid correctly and on time.  We can print out reports and provide budgeting information and tax preparation information.


You may find yourself not understanding why a bill received a late fee or why a medical expense was not paid by your insurance carrier. You might be struggling with a Medicaid application or a mortgage modification.  The LC Group can act as your advocate and get these matters settled.

Clients feel comfortable coming to us because The LC Group is fully insured and we are happy to provide a copy of our insurance certificate.   We are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and abide by the AADMM Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Financially Fit in Five.  I you have any questions about how a DMM can help, please feel free to reach out to me, Liz Crystal.