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The Pay-Off: credit card debt calculators

Ok, so you have credit card debt.  You already know (or at least suspect) that the credit card debt is your number one obstacle to achieving financial success.  Let’s not rehash that you have the debt.  Let’s find a way to pay it off and move forward. 

The first step is to gather all the information.  Open those statements and add up the debt.  You will also need to know the minimum payment.  Once you have the info, let’s move forward to figuring out how to pay it off.  The place to turn is a credit card debt calculator.  Here’s one that I like to use

The reason I like this calculator is because it comes with instructions, because you can enter in data from multiple credit cards, and because you can set it up to pay by amount (a certain amount each month) or pay by a goal date (pay it off by a specific date).  Either way is fine, as long as you set realistic goals and stick with it.  I have had positive feedback from clients when I have set up a system (using this calculator) to pay off the debt. 

Now you have a way to get started, a way to move along the path to financial success.   If I can provide any additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to me.